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2108, 2019

Save the date: joint workshop on Nano-Characterisation

On 28 October 4TU.HTM and M2i will organize a joint workshop on Nano-Characterisation. Location: De Witte Vosch, Utrecht

1208, 2019

Coming up: NWO Matchmaking Event: Degradation and Reliability of Organic Materials

On August 30th from 12:30- 16:00 hrs NWO will organize a Matchmaking Event about Degradation and Reliability of Organic Materials. The location is: HTC 48, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven

2507, 2019

Coming up: Practical training in “temperature-induced friction influence in sheet metal forming processes”

A Practical training in “temperature-induced friction influence in sheet metal forming processes”, which will take place on 22 October 2019 at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.

2507, 2019

Coming up: Course on “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”

A Course on “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”will be held on 04 & 05  September 2019 at at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

1707, 2019

Coming up: Symposium The power of aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy in materials science

On September 19th the symposium ‘The power of aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy in materials science’ will take place at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials in Groningen.

2606, 2019

PhD defense Mohammad Bazrafshan Fadan: cum laude!

M2i is proud to announce that on June 21, 2019, Mohammad Bazrafshan Fadan, who has been working on the M2i-TTW co-organized research project “Roughness and Adhesion Effects on Pre-Sliding Friction: Modelling and Experiments” successfully defended his dissertation. He obtained his PhD cum laude.

2606, 2019

National Icon nomination for Smart*Light project

The M2i co-organized Interreg project Smart*Light, that develops a powerful mobile X-ray source generating extremely clear X-rays for medical, material and art research, was nominated as a finalist for the selection of new National Icons.

1705, 2019

Coming up: 38th International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference

On 3-7 June 2019 the 38th International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference will take place at the University of Twente.

2404, 2019

Coming up: Workshop on composite-steel hybrid adhesive bonded joints in a maritime environment

The M2i and RDM will organize a workshop on June 18th in Rotterdam on  ‘Composite-steel hybrid adhesive bonded joints in a marine environment’’.  Organizations, academics, and students interested in this topic are welcome to attend.

204, 2019

University of Groningen: Royal Decoration for Prof. Jeff De Hosson

On Friday 29 March, Prof. J.Th.M. De Hosson has been awarded the Royal Decoration of Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. He was presented with this decoration by acting Mayor Koos Wiersma of the Westerkwartier municipality directly after his valedictory lecture in the Aula of the Academy Building of the University of Groningen.

2003, 2019

Delft University of Technology: Photovoltaic Systems Summer School 2019

The international Photovoltaic Systems Summer School (PVSSS) of Delft University of Technology aims to give hands-on experience on different fundamental, technical and installation aspects of photovoltaic systems. Organized by the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group, this summer school is intended for PhD candidates, PostDocs, researchers, and engineers.

503, 2019

Coming up: 4TU.HTM & M2i Joint Workshop on Nucleation in De Witte Vosch – Utrecht

On Monday 1 April 2019, the 4TU.Research Centre High-Tech Materials (4TU.HTM) and M2i are organizing a Joint Workshop on Nucleation.

602, 2019

Coming up: Practical training on tribological influences in sheet metal forming

A practical training on “Temperature-induced friction influence in sheet metal forming processes” will be held on 26 March 2019 at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

1501, 2019

PhD defense Astrid Elzas: cum laude!

M2i is proud to announce that on January 10, 2019, Astrid Elzas, who worked on M2i organized FOM-M2i Industrial Partnership Program “Physics of Failure”, successfully defended her dissertation “Nano-scale failure in steel: Interface decohesion at iron/precipitate interfaces”. She obtained her PhD cum laude.

2711, 2018

Materialen NL: Challenges Call

A new call for Materials Research has been opened by NWO where M2i partners can submit proposals: Materialen NL: Challenges. The call focuses on two important material science themes: ‘Designer Functional Metamaterials’ and ‘Next generation Engineering Materials’. The deadline for submission is April 16th 2019.

3110, 2018

M2i in RTL7 television program Ondernemend Nederland

Teaser for the item of M2i in the RTL7 television program “Ondernemend Nederland”. The program will be broadcasted this Sunday 4 November, 9.55 AM on RTL7.

2609, 2018

European Technical Day to discuss advances in sheet metal forming

On 13 November 2018 EMC2 and other partners of the ASPECT consortium led by M2i are organizing a European Technical day in Nantes, France. Representatives of several industrial sectors using sheet metal forming will exchange views on opportunities to increase productivity by using the latest developments in numerical and experimental tribology.

1009, 2018

Coming up: training opportunities on Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming

The INTERREG project ASPECT will host two different kind of trainings on tribology:

3007, 2018

Smart Packaging program started

As of July 1st the program “Innovative Smart Materials and Sensors for Packaging of Raw and Processed Food Products” has taken off. The program is a collaboration between M2i, seven innovative companies in the packaging and food industry (Ardagh, Avery Dennison, Douwe Egberts, Heineken, Oerlemans Plastics, Peijnenburg and Yparex) and the Technical Universities of Twente, Delft and Eindhoven together with Wageningen University & Food and Biobased Research (WFBR). The consortium is coordinated by M2i and WFBR and aims to deliver improved packaging concepts to prevent global food waste.

1907, 2018

Just approved: 3DMed project on 3D printed medical devices

The project “3DMed – Development and streamlined integration of 3D printing technologies to enable advanced medical treatment and its widespread application” was approved recently by the Monitoring Committee of INTERREG 2Seas programme.

1607, 2018

M2i starts project on non-flammable building materials

The development of new materials with extremely good fire-resistant qualities is very important and should help to prevent fire disasters. The project “Fire safety of innovative geopolymer-based building materials” under supervision of Professor Jos Brouwers and assistant professor Qingliang Yu from TU/e, aims at developing an eco-friendly inorganic geopolymeric binder for concretes and coatings, based on an alternative silica source, and with an excellent fire resistance. The research will also examine the extent to which industrial waste, such as fly ash as a raw material, can be used for the production of concrete elements.

507, 2018

Aim2XL program started

The kick off meeting of the NWO Perspectief program “Additive Manufacturing for Extra Large Metal Components (AiM2XL)” took place on 15th June at the premises of Ramlab in Rotterdam. Thirty four participants from industry and academia attended the meeting with the aim of pooling experiences and starting this ambitious program.

1906, 2018

Mini symposium “Sustainable switch”

The mini symposium “Sustainable switch” that took place at ProRail central office in Utrecht on May 30, 2018 successfully concluded four years of intensive work. Four PhD students, Ankit Kumar, Omid Hajizad, Matthijs Oomen  and Martin Hiensch  from TU Delft and Twente universities worked together on a scientifically challenging and industry and society relevant topic on how to make the rail and in particular railway common crossings as resistant as possible to development of defects due to high impact loading from the wheels of the trains. The program is material-centric with focus on understanding the material behaviour, wear and damage that can be related to the impact character of the loading.

3005, 2018

DENS program started!

On May 23, 2018, the M2i-Tata Steel program “DENS” (Digitally Enhanced New Steel Product Development) held a kick-off meeting hosted by Tata Steel in Ijmuiden, the Netherlands. It was an inspiring and stimulating event. Wim van der Meer, Director Programmes R&D, welcomed the participants at Tata Steel premises and wished them to have a very fruitful and pleasant collaboration on the program.

205, 2018

Guus Rijnders wins The Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics 2018

On 5 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Ing. Guus Rijnders will receive the Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics 2018 for his outstanding research on pulsed laser deposition (PLD). The Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics recognizes researchers who have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the field of applied physics. It has been awarded annually since 1998 by the editors-in-chief of the Springer journals Applied Physics A – Materials Science & Processing and Applied Physics B – Lasers and Optics.