207, 2021

Looking for a new materials challenge? Job opportunity!

SKF pushes the boundaries of material science every day. Especially within the team of innovation experts at their Research and Development Centre in Houten, The Netherlands. Electric Vehicles, Wind Turbines or High Speed passenger trains; they all need to become even more reliable and efficient and are therewith putting even higher demands on our products and the materials we use.

306, 2021

ENLIGHTEN on video

In an earlier newsletter we already  informed you about the ENLIGTHEN initiative which aims to find a way to produce reliable entire structures using this material, in a predictable, reproducible and cost-effective way. Dutch Research Council (NWO) made a video in which the initiative is presented.

306, 2021

Release report Challenge for circular solar panels

M2i has released the report “Challenges for circular solar panels” which contains a comprehensive overview of (material) innovations needed for the reuse and recycling of solar products. The report was written with the support of the Uitvoeringsprogramma Circulaire Maakindustrie (UPCM) and the Province of South Holland and is available on the UPCM website.

306, 2021

M2i successful in Perspectief round 2020-2021

On the 12th of May the results of the assessment of the program design for the Perspectief round 2020-2021 were communicated. Of the 48 program designs 14 were selected for the full proposal stage. Three initiatives with M2i involvement were selected.

306, 2021

Automated repair of rain erosion damage by micro-3D printing to full proposal phase

The research project “Automated repair of rain erosion damage by micro-3D printing” got a positive advice for the full proposal stage of the KIC – Innovations for wind and solar energy call. This project, in which M2i collaborates with University of Twente, University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences University of Groningen, aims to extend the life time of wind turbine blades. Our goal is to extend the rotor blade’s lifetime by more frequent maintenance while keeping the cost down using automised remote monitoring and repair technologies. The deadline of the full proposal is early September.

3103, 2021

In the spotlight: Marija Nedeljković (TUD) – Circular concrete

In the Netherlands, 33 Mton of new concrete is produced annually, which accounts for almost 2 percent of the annual CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Approximately 12 Mton of old concrete is released, which consists of approximately 7 Mton of coarse granulate (> 4 mm) and 5 Mton of fine fractions between O and 4 mm. Certain fine fractions could lend themselves excellently for new (high-quality) concrete applications.

2903, 2021

Register now for the ASPECT Final event

On 15 June 2021, the final event of the INTERREG project ASPECT will mark the end of the project. ASPECT has enabled the prediction and control of temperature-induced effects on friction, thus enhancing the productivity of sheet metal forming processes.

1203, 2021

Over €6 million for the Perspective programme: ENLIGHTEN

What started as an initiative of M2i has now been awarded a grant of over €6 million. Over the next few years, a consortium of research institutes, academia and industries will be working on research into technological innovations with real economic potential that could help us to achieve a more sustainable world.

303, 2021

M2i participates in small NWA projects on circular economy

M2i is involved in two ‘small NWA projects’ through the NWA routes Circular Economy (CE) and Measuring and Detecting (MD). The projects aim at increasing the scientific and societal impact of their NWA route by creating new connections between organizations and research fields.

1101, 2021

Interview Albert Polman at the M2i Conference 2020

During the M2i Conference Meeting Materials of 15 December 2020, chair man Rob Boom interviewed Albert Polman (Amolf) and Bert van Haastrecht (M2i) about the National Materials Report and the MaterialenNL platform. Did you miss it? Watch the interview here.