3103, 2021

In the spotlight: Marija Nedeljković (TUD) – Circular concrete

In the Netherlands, 33 Mton of new concrete is produced annually, which accounts for almost 2 percent of the annual CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Approximately 12 Mton of old concrete is released, which consists of approximately 7 Mton of coarse granulate (> 4 mm) and 5 Mton of fine fractions between O and 4 mm. Certain fine fractions could lend themselves excellently for new (high-quality) concrete applications.

2903, 2021

Register now for the ASPECT Final event

On 15 June 2021, the final event of the INTERREG project ASPECT will mark the end of the project. ASPECT has enabled the prediction and control of temperature-induced effects on friction, thus enhancing the productivity of sheet metal forming processes.

1203, 2021

Over €6 million for the Perspective programme: ENLIGHTEN

What started as an initiative of M2i has now been awarded a grant of over €6 million. Over the next few years, a consortium of research institutes, academia and industries will be working on research into technological innovations with real economic potential that could help us to achieve a more sustainable world.

303, 2021

M2i participates in small NWA projects on circular economy

M2i is involved in two ‘small NWA projects’ through the NWA routes Circular Economy (CE) and Measuring and Detecting (MD). The projects aim at increasing the scientific and societal impact of their NWA route by creating new connections between organizations and research fields.

1101, 2021

Interview Albert Polman at the M2i Conference 2020

During the M2i Conference Meeting Materials of 15 December 2020, chair man Rob Boom interviewed Albert Polman (Amolf) and Bert van Haastrecht (M2i) about the National Materials Report and the MaterialenNL platform. Did you miss it? Watch the interview here.

1612, 2020

Smart*light: Interview with Dr. Hessel Castricum

Dr. Hessel Castricum, working at 3mE at the TU Delft, was interviewed about his work as project leader for the Interreg project Smart*Light by an advisor of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. In the interview he explains the new technology being developed, how it can be applied in different fields, the initial project results and the objectives for the future.

1512, 2020

Looking back at Meeting Materials 15 December 2020

We look back at a successful online conference with a total of 380 participants on both days. Different than other years, this years conference was online due to COVID-19. This year the program consists of interesting workshops and presentations.

212, 2020

New M2i initiatives – call for participants

M2i’s core mission is: To support both industry and society in finding solutions for materials-related questions in product development and production processes. We are currently preparing initiatives on a range of different materials-related subjects. Interested partners are invited to contact us with their ideas, and more specifically on the following subjects.

112, 2020

M2i collects material knowledge for reuse and recycling of solar panels

M2i has been asked by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Province of South Holland (PSH) to conduct a study with the aim of mapping existing material knowledge for the reuse and recycling of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and foils. In the coming decades, a fast growing number of PV products will be discarded after the first use phase. At the same time, the PV value chain will have to be fully circular by 2050. This requires solutions for circular design, reuse and recycling.

112, 2020

QUALIFY project results at Meeting Materials, M2i Conference, 15th December 2020

The project QUALIFY (Enabling Qualification of Hybrid Structures for Lightweight and Safe Maritime Transport), co-funded by the INTERREG 2SeasMers Zeeën Programme, aims to remove the technological and regulatory barriers that currently prevent the widespread application of hybrid primary structures (metal/composite) in the maritime industry.

3011, 2020

PhD defense Camila Gomez: cum laude!

M2i is proud to announce that on November 25th, 2020, Camila Gomez defended her PhD thesis “Heat transfer and boiling phenomena during quenching by water jet impingement”. The project was a collaboration between M2i, NWO-I, TATA Steel, and TU Eindhoven. Camila obtained her PhD cum laude, making her the first woman to ever receive a Mechanical Engineering cum laude PhD in TU/e.

210, 2020


During the annual conference Meeting Materials, organized by M2i, the Grade2XL project will organize an open Additive Manufacturing Design Contest for young engineers as part of the Grade2XL project. We therefore challenge all young engineers and researchers to design a novel product, to be printed with wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM).

909, 2020


ENGAGE-in-AM is an M2i-initiative in collaboration with TU Delft and the University of Twente and is preselected for HTSM-fundig. This is one of the M2i initiatives that go to the 2nd round of the HitMaT Call.