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2905, 2020

ITEA project VMAP released version 0.4 of its interoperability standard

After releasing the first public version of the Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) data interface standard in January, the ITEA VMAP project has now started distributing version 0.4 of this interoperability standard for the creation of use cases external to the project (available on

2505, 2020

Final event ASPECT at ESAFORM 2020

From 4 to 6 May 2020, the ESAFORM Conference was organised for the first time as on-line conference. In its frame, the ASPECT consortium held a mini-symposium “Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes” as final event. The mini-symposium was organised by Twente University.  The ASPECT partners M2i, Philips, Opel, ESI-Group, Tata Steel, TriboForm, Filzek Tribotech, Zeller&Gmelin and inspire all presented their papers. All papers are published in Procedia Manufacturing Vol. 47.

105, 2020

New M2i initiatives

The COVID-19 virus has a large impact on all partners of M2i, but despite the cirsis M2i is currently preparing initiatives on a range of different materials-related subjects.

2603, 2020

Conference on Material Forming ESAFORM 2020

The 23rd International Conference on Material Forming ESAFORM 2020 will take place virtually on 4th-6th May 2020

2603, 2020

SAVE THE DATE! M2i conference and Meeting Materials 2020

M2i is excited to announce her annual M2i Conference and Meeting Materials. This year our conference will be held at Leeuwenhorst Conference Centre in Noordwijkerhout again and will take place on 14 & 15 December 2020.

1703, 2020

Kick-off new Horizon 2020 project Grade2xl

On 11-12 March, the kick-off meeting of Grade2XL took place at the Science centrum in Delft, followed by a visit to RAMLAB in Rotterdam. Due to current travel restrictions related to coronavirus pandemie not all project partners could travel to Delft and Webex on-line participation was organized for non-travelers.

303, 2020

POSTPONED: M2i & 4TU.HTM Business Awareness Course

M2i and 4TU.HTM are organizing a business awareness course for Post-doctoral researchers and PhD students in the later stages of their projects.

303, 2020

HiTMaT Call for Proposals 2020 (Dutch only)

De HiTMaT Call for Proposals 2020 is open. De deadline voor het indienen van aanvragen is: 2 juni 2020, 14:00 uur CEST (Midden-Europese zomertijd).

2002, 2020

Course on tribological influences in sheet metal forming

On 18-19 February 2020, the University of Twente organised the course “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet metal forming”, a dedicated training for engineers and researchers interested in the prediction and control of tribological effects in sheet metal forming processes. The course was organised free-of-charge, in the framework of the INTERREG project ASPECT coordinated by M2i.

1302, 2020

Kick-off SUNERGY

Over 100 stakeholders of the Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) SUNRISE and ENERGY-X gathered on February 5-6, 2020 in Brussels for the kick-off meeting of SUNERGY.

702, 2020

Release ASPECT movie

This movie was made with the aim to inform the public about the problem that the ASPECT project tackles and the solutions created during the project.

402, 2020


The European Conference on Heat Treatment will take place from Monday 30 November to Wednesday 2 December in Antwerp

3001, 2020

QUALIFY workshop at IAA2020 conference

The Qualify project is organizing a workshop at the 1st International Conference on Industrial Applications  of Adhesives 2020 (IAA2020 conference) in Madeira (Portugal), on 5-6 March.

2901, 2020

VMAP – 1st International Conference on CAE Interoperability

The 1st international conference on CAE interoperability will take place on 13-14 May in Bamberg, Germany.

2801, 2020

Joint 4TU.HTM & M2i Workshop on Surfaces, Interfaces & Coatings – CANCELLED

The workshop will be held on Thursday April 16 at the Witte Vosch in Utrecht.

1612, 2019

3DMed workshop at M2I conference

A 3DMed workshop was organized at the annual M2i Meeting Materials conference (Noordwijkerhout,  9-10 December 2019)

2911, 2019

M2i obtains two NWO grants to develop dissipative metamaterials and hydrogen-resistant alloys

M2i is proud to announce that two projects submitted to the Material Challenges call 2019 were granted by NWO.

2911, 2019

Horizon 2020 project on additive manufacturing coming soon!

M2i is proud to announce that the Grade2XL proposal on functionally graded materials for additive manufacturing was selected for funding in Horizon 2020.

811, 2019

Coming up: ASPECT course on Fundamental Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming

On the 18-19 February 2020, Twente University, partner in the ASPECT consortium led by M2i, is organising the course: “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”.

2310, 2019

Another successful ASPECT training

Yesterday, at Filzek TRIBOTech in Darmstadt, 12 representatives from reputed manufacturing companies and knowledge institutes received training on the latest methods for the experimental and numerical determination of temperature-induced tribological influences in sheet metal forming.

1810, 2019

NWO Perspectief initiatives: Call for participation

M2i is co-hosting two workshops towards NWO Perspectief proposals: on November 15th M2i will co-host a workshop ‘Circular circuits’ and on November 20th M2i will co-host a workshop ‘Enlighten’

1710, 2019

ASPECT demonstrators now running

The two ASPECT  demonstrators are now running at the partners Opel and Philips.

810, 2019

Coming up: VMAP Community meeting “Presenting VMAP Standards release 0.3”

The  VMAP Standards Community face-to-face meeting will take place on 23 October 2019 at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Centre.

310, 2019

AiM2XL researchers visited world’s first metal 3D printed bridge

On 27 September 2019, AiM2XL researchers of the Universities of Twente and Delft held a meeting to discuss about the project progress and possible collaborations.