We can link the complementary capabilities of top knowledge institutes under the umbrella of a wider, multi-annual R&D program specifically designed to respond to the challenges encountered by a company or group of companies. M2i manages the delivery of the entire program throughout its duration.

In some cases companies find it difficult to accept the constraints that come with the rules of public funding. In other cases, expertise from outside the company is needed in order to respond to the research questions related to the development or improvement of a new process or material. The effort to set up such a large initiative might require resources beyond those of the company’s R&D department, which is usually the reason why EU-level collaborations are sought. If the technological readiness is too high for the research project to obtain public funding, a customized, purely industrially funded R&D program might be the solution. M2i is equipped to set up such a program on behalf of your company or group of companies. Whatever your specific case, we will be able to suggest the most suitable configuration.

M2i has a wide and strong network of academic partners, which includes renowned institutes and universities working on materials research topics in the Netherlands and abroad. Our track record guarantees the smooth and efficient management of your program, as well as a continuous industrial focus throughout its implementation.

If you would like M2i to contact you and discuss with you the possibility of setting up a tailored R&D program, please complete the contact form. Please include a short description of your materials R&D challenge. Of course we will treat this information confidentially.