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M2i is the enabler in materials innovation

Materials innovation institute (M2i) is a network organization specialized in materials research. Our core mission is to support both the industry and society in finding solutions for materials-related questions in product development and production processes. M2i connects industry, academia and research institutes across The Netherlands and Europe.

The importance of materials research

Materials form the basis of our environment. Since the dawn of humankind, new uses of materials have driven societal development. Materials innovation is important in fostering technological growth that promotes the wellbeing of society, and also in being able to meet the challenges of enhancing and protecting our environment.

How we work

As a network organization, we have excellent insight in materials-related activities in The Netherlands and Europe. We collect research questions from our industrial partners and connect them to the research partners with the right expertise.

M2i helps its partners in defining open innovation research programmes. A significant portion of our projects are organized in cooperation with NWO and industry. By sourcing the optimal type of Dutch or European funding we help to reduce industrial investment costs.

After approval of funding we coordinate the consortia, ensuring the results are relevant for industrial uptake, while offering researchers a platform for sharing their activities in cluster meetings and conferences. Read more about our cluster structure.


The latest news

Coming up: ASPECT course on Fundamental Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming

On the 18-19 February 2020, Twente University, partner in the ASPECT consortium led by M2i, is organising the course: “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”.

Another successful ASPECT training

Yesterday, at Filzek TRIBOTech in Darmstadt, 12 representatives from reputed manufacturing companies and knowledge institutes received training on the latest methods for the experimental and numerical determination of temperature-induced tribological

NWO Perspectief initiatives: Call for participation

M2i is co-hosting two workshops towards NWO Perspectief proposals: on November 15th M2i will co-host a workshop ‘Circular circuits’ and on November 20th M2i will co-host a workshop ‘Enlighten’

ASPECT demonstrators now running

The two ASPECT  demonstrators are now running at the partners Opel and Philips.

For more news visit our News page.


15 November 2019 – NWO Perspectief initiative: Call for participation – Circular Circuits
20 November 2019 – NWO Perspectief initiative: Call for participation – ENLIGHTEN
26 November 2019 – NWO: Workshop NWA Materials Consortia, Amsterdam
9 & 10 December 2019 – M2i Conference & Meeting Materials, Noordwijkerhout
18 & 19 February 2020 – ASPECT course on Fundamental Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming