M2i Community: connect with the network in materials innovation

The “Materials ecosystem”: we call it this because it involves all players in industry and academia, organizations and individuals, in fact the whole network which enables materials innovation. Driven specialists, researchers, managers and entrepreneurs – at established institutes, academia, large industries and smart start-ups. M2i connects with the players in the Materials eco-system to enable materials innovation in The Netherlands and internationally. Our personal approach has been well known for years. Now we are adding M2i Community: an online platform. We will start small, letting it grow and develop, and invite all players in materials innovation to build the M2i Community with us so that the entire Community benefits. We invite you to let us know what you want to reach with materials research and innovation, and how M2i can contribute to this in your view. Feel welcome to contact us.

Interview Albert Polman at the M2i Conference 2020

During the M2i Conference Meeting Materials of 15 December 2020, chair man Rob Boom interviewed Albert Polman (Amolf) and Bert van Haastrecht (M2i) about the National Materials Report and the MaterialenNL platform. Did you miss it? Watch the interview here.

Smart*light: Interview with Dr. Hessel Castricum

Dr. Hessel Castricum, working at 3mE at the TU Delft, was interviewed about his work as project leader for the Interreg project Smart*Light by an advisor of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. In the interview he explains the new technology being developed, how it can be applied in different fields, the initial project results and the objectives for the future.