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PhD Researchers
Enabling Integrated Lightweight
Performance Prediction (Enlighten) – WP2
Prof. L.E. Govaert Eindhoven University
Circular Circuits Dr. A. Andreski Saxion
Circular Circuits WP2c (Physics of Ion and Water Detection in Microelectronics) Prof.dr. A. Tukker Eindhoven University
Structural degradation monitoring and prediction – corrosion and fatigue (WP1) – SUBLIME Mol Delft Technical University
Solutions for High-Temperature Superconducting Motion Systems Prof H.H.J. ten Kate University of Twente
E-motor stack power loss prediction induced by microstructural behavior E.S. Perdahcioglu University of Twente
Slag characterisation and stand alone slag binder systems (SLAK)  Prof. J. Brouwers Eindhoven University
OPC-slag blends (SLAK)  Prof. J. Brouwers Eindhoven University
Mortar and concrete mix design (SLAK)  Prof. J. Brouwers Eindhoven University
Interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) for Damping mAterials in Lithographic Equipment (IDALE) Ass.Prof. A.C.C. Esteves Eindhoven University
Physical-chemical models for slag reactivity (SLAK)  Prof. J. Brouwers Eindhoven University
CARE-BMAT – Surface crack healing treatment in Si3N4 bearing materials T.C. Bor University of Twente
Enabling Integrated Lightweight
Technology Demonstration (Enlighten) – WP5
Ir. E. van Hattem University of Twente
Data platform and digital twin development for steel infrastructures (WP2c) – SUBLIME University of Twente
Design and Implementation of an Advanced Multilevel Microstructure Generator for Polycrystalline Materials Dr. R.H.J. Peerlings Eindhoven University