On 15th March 2024, the EC-officer visited RAMLAB to learn how the Grade2XL demonstrators are progressing. The project review meeting took place on this day at the premises of RAMLAB with 6 partners present and other 15 partners joined online.

RAMLAB is known for its innovations and is a SME project partner that prints several project demonstrators in close collaboration with the academic and industrial project partners, from a marine propeller blade to an aerospace mould. The consortium presented the status on all demonstrators and work packages. Project partner Valk Welding also presented their equipment developments installed at RAMLAB, which were necessary to realise the demonstrators stated in the project. It was a tremendous impression for all the meeting participants to watch the printing in process and to see the demonstrators from every corner.

The Grade2XL project demonstrates the advances of WAAM technology for large structures and finishes in August 2024. The ambition of the project is to bring WAAM forward to enable smart design of the large structures resulting in significant saving in materials use, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and overall life cycle costs comparing to the conventional manufacturing ways.

Thanks to the project members for help making this meeting a success.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements.