On 14th March 2024, the consortium members of the Circular Circuits project came together in Utrecht for its annual progress meeting. Over 40 participants from 29 project member organizations arrived for the meeting.

With the programme running for over a year now, it was a good moment to communicate and share the progress made with all stakeholders from academia and industry. After the welcome by Prof. Arnold Tukker (programme leader), Yulia Fischer (program manager M2i) and Anna de Graaf-van Dinther (NWO officer), the PhD students from the different work packages showcased their projects by summarizing research topic, (innovative) approach and results achieved so far.  

The afternoon was reserved for four workshops on relevant product groups. During the workshops, lively discussions were sparked on the opportunities for circularity, but also on the technical and economic challenges industry is facing to achieve full circularity of all electronic goods.  

As we move forward, the consortium remains committed to the goals of the programme.  

We extend our gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and contributions to the meeting’s success.  

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements.