The 9th HTM call has opened for proposals on Monday 26 June. The HTM calls are organized by NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW) in cooperation with the Materials innovation institute (M2i), at the initiative of the Top Teams of the Top Sectors High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), Chemistry and Energy. The purpose of these calls is to give a boost to scientific materials research in the Netherlands.

This HTM-9 call is led by NWO Domain TTW and addresses the priority areas of the roadmap Hightech Materials  (top sector HTSM), the roadmap Chemistry of Advanced Materials  (top sector Chemistry) and the topic Sustainable Energy (top sector Energy), drawn up in collaboration between scientists and businesses.

Similar to the former HTM calls, M2i has an agreement with TTW to submit proposals on behalf of its industrial partners. Project proposals that fit within the roadmaps or theme are welcome. From the NWO partners there is a maximum of 1.5 M € available of which per project a private cash co-financing of 50 percent is required.

Submission is possible until 1 August 2017, 14.00 hr. and can be done via the online application and reporting system ISAAC.
Available documents: