We enable materials innovation …by capitalising on scientific results

What we do?

We bring advanced material research to industry, creating economic value (‘valorization’). We provide solutions to complex research problems by developing cutting-edge FEA simulations, allowing you to save time and money.

Who we are?

We are a team of experts (PhDs) in computational mechanics and numerical finite element analysis. We specialise in the analysis of advanced materials and structures.

How we do it?

We develop custom solutions using commercial FEA software. We work together with you, or with other partners in subsidized collaborative research projects with multiple partners.

Unique value proposition

  • Experts in complex FEA simulations
  • Access to hundreds of academic research work
  • Wide network in industry and academia
  • Non-profit organization

Showcases – replicable successes

A portfolio of over 100 cases in which the scientific outputs generated substantial long-term economic benefits is available, and all of these cases are replicable successes. We have included a sample of these showcases to give you a taste of what our cooperation can bring about.


Franz Bormann
Franz Bormann Research Engineer