Ductile damage and crack propagation


Objectives: Prediction of shape during metal blanking and cutting processes. M2i FEA simulation work: Development and implementation of 2D non-local damage and crack propagation model using MSC.MARC and in-house software (2005) Development and implementation of 3D non-local damage and crack propagation model using MSC.MARC and in-house software (2010) Integration of 2D and 3D models

Advanced simulations of sheet metal forming process


Objectives: Develop advanced simulations technology to account for temperature increase and adaptive control systems to adjust the machine settings during the start-up of the production line. M2i FEA simulation work: Implement a tribology based friction law in the commercial FEA software MARC Simulation and validation of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of the deep-drawing

Failure prediction of adhesive hybrid-joint (composite-steel) under mechanical loading


Objectives: Evaluate the long term structural performance of the adhesively bonded hybrid joint under operational and environmental conditions; Develop a reliable inspection and maintenance methodology for adhesively bonded hybrid joints; Develop a procedure (Guidelines) for the qualification of adhesively bonded hybrid joints in primary structures in marine applications.. M2i FEA simulation work:

Topology optimization of 3D printed implants and prosthesis


Objectives: Integration of diagnosis, design and manufacturing of 3DP medical devices in a software platform. Personalized medical devices (prostheses, implants, orthoses) M2i FEA simulation work: Develop robust and easy to use FEA models of 3D printed model of implants and orthotics Topology optimization of designs Industrial Benefits: Reduce the complexity of advanced

Implementation of VMAP wrapper to transfer data between different FEA-CAE software


Objectives: Enhance interoperability in virtual engineering workflows by developing a vendor-neutral standard for CAE data storage. Implementation in several software tools, and validation with a number of industrial use cases. M2i FEA simulation work: One of the project use cases is the manufacturing of a Philips shaver. It involves the injection moulding of a