Project Description


  • Enhance interoperability in virtual engineering workflows by developing a vendor-neutral standard for CAE data storage.
  • Implementation in several software tools, and validation with a number of industrial use cases.

M2i FEA simulation work:

  • One of the project use cases is the manufacturing of a Philips shaver. It involves the injection moulding of a polymer over a metallic part, which introduces residuals stresses and warpage. The simulation of the injection moulding is done using Moldflow; while the mechanical response of the solidified polymer and the steel part is modelled using the FEA software MSC.Marc.
  • M2i has developed an interface wrapper for the injection moulding software Moldflow, to export moldflow mesh and state Variables (e.g. temperature, pressure, fiber orientations,…) to the VMAP standard format.

Industrial Benefits:

  • Simplify the simulation of chain processes, reducing the number of experiments and the time to market.

Contact person M2i

Anouar Krairi
Anouar KrairiResearch Engineer Computational Mechanics and Valorization