Project in the Spotlight: Bridging industries for Zero Waste – Transforming steelmaking slags into Building Materials


Key information Project in the Spotlight: S81.6.15565 Market: Circularity/sustainability Written M2i Program Manager: Viktoria Savran Background At present a wide range of industrial by-products are not used to their full potential and end up in low-grade applications or are landfilled. A typical example is steel slag (e.g. converter/BOF slag), a stone-like high-temperature

Project in the Spotlight: Circular Circuits – design of next generation electronics for a circular economy


Key information Project in the Spotlight: N21006 (Perspectief P20-13) Market: Electronics Written by M2i Program Manager: Yulia Fischer Introduction On Sunday, 17 March 2024, The Klokhuis Science price (De Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs) will be awarded during the InScience film festival in Nijmegen. Het Klokhuis is an informative TV program for the youth. Max