Implementation OSP removal procedure – NXP


Objectives: Removal of the OSP-layer on the lead frame which is necessary to prevent damaging or contamination of the top layer of the lead frames by an additional heating step, to improve adhesion of packaging. M2i project: Removal of the OSP-layer using an extra heating step was investigated Industrial

Minimization of spontaneous adhesion and adhesion control in MEMS – NXP


Objectives: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) show often unwanted spontaneous adhesion that limits their functionality. This effect must be eliminated or minimized to ensure reliable MEMS. Understanding and determination of the effect of contact forces and areas as well as surface energy will enable control and prevention of spontaneous adhesion. The project aimed to

DLC coatings on plastics – Hauzer


Objectives: Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings are of interest to industry and are used to protect a substrate from aggressive external environment (impact, scratch or corrosion). Hauzer develops equipment to apply DLC coatings as a smooth and scratch resistant sub layer for decorative coatings on plastic housings, especially for the 3C (cameras, computer and