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Project in the Spotlight: From structure to properties for large scale additive manufacturing by wire deposition


Key information Project in the Spotlight: S17024e/P16-46 Market: Additive Manufacturing Written by: Viktoria Savran Introduction Large engineering structures like turbines, metallic bridges or industrial machinery are generally still manufactured by traditional processes such as forging, casting, welding, bolting or by machining them from solid blocks. These processes do not allow for the

Grade2XL – Functionally Graded Materials for Extra-Large Parts


Key information EU funding: € 7,91 Million Total budget: € 9,75 Million Duration: 48 months [March 2020 - Feb 2024] Background: Grade2XL is a joint development programme aligning partners along the value chain to foster the rapid development of WAAM materials and process. Grade2XL will deliver multi-material products of superior

AiM2XL – Additive Manufacturing for Extra Large Metal Components


Key information NWO/TTW Perspectief funding: € 2.8 Million Total budget: € 4.1 Million Duration: 60 months FTEs: 8PhD, 2PD and 5 PDEng The AiM2XL programme is focused on metal-based additive manufacturing for the construction of large three-dimensional components by means of laser and/or arc welding. Application of these technologies to large-scale constructions