Grade2XL – Functionally Graded Materials for Extra-Large Parts


Key information EU funding: € 7,91 Million Total budget: € 9,75 Million Duration: 48 months [March 2020 - Feb 2024] Background: Grade2XL is a joint development programme aligning partners along the value chain to foster the rapid development of WAAM materials and process. Grade2XL will deliver multi-material products of superior

AiM2XL – Additive Manufacturing for Extra Large Metal Components


Key information NWO/TTW Perspectief funding: € 2.8 Million Total budget: € 4.1 Million Duration: 60 months FTEs: 8PhD, 2PD and 5 PDEng The AiM2XL programme is focused on metal-based additive manufacturing for the construction of large three-dimensional components by means of laser and/or arc welding. Application of these technologies to large-scale constructions