With complex themes and multi-dimensional problems in material innovation, M2i is your guiding partner in understanding the technology trends and market dynamics. The result of our cooperation will be a program to make the most of the market opportunities, a so-called “market platform”.

A market platform is comprised of related projects investigating the potential of new technologies to strengthen the position of an industry on a growing or an emerging market.

We ensure:

  • Coherence of the scientific approaches
  • Alignment of various industrial interests
  • Professional platform management

Current market platforms

Is focused on developing new knowledge and methods for a broad range of additive manufacturing technologies, with a special attention to 3D printing of metals by Selective Laser Melting.

The main focus of the research lies in combining Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition with plasma enhancement for high quality thin films and new material propositions in thin films manufacturing.

The focus is on R&D challenges related to the production and use of composites in the Dutch industry.

Groups projects addressing the increasing need for reducing the weight in traditionally heavy loaded structures such as shipbuilding, offshore and bridges.

Opportunities for new Market Platforms

M2i is open to discussing and defining new market platforms around promising materials or processing technologies. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Bert van Haastrecht
Bert van Haastrecht
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