The Market Platform “Additive Manufacturing” groups together a number of companies under the coordination of the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR). M2i is responsible for the basic research activities, while NLR coordinates and facilitates the industrial research activities. The latter are further subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the context of its ‘Materials Transition Program’.

The focus of this platform  is on developing new knowledge and methods for a broad range of additive manufacturing technologies, with special attention to the 3-D printing of metals by Selective Laser Melting. Applications range from aerospace parts to medical devices and from precision components to mechanical metamaterials.

The platform is open to new partners. The involvement of new companies, not necessarily limited to the focus of the current activities, will further strengthen this platform. If your company is interested in joining, please contact us.

Bert van Haastrecht
Bert van HaastrechtGeneral Manager