The Market Platform “Materials for extreme conditions” groups together projects that address the increasing need to reduce the weight in traditionally heavy loaded structures such as shipbuilding, offshore and bridges. These environments require durable and lightweight solutions that can survive the heavy loads under extreme conditions.

The focus of this platform is on hybrid materials. The combination of high-strength steels and composites can significantly increase the strength-to-weight ratios towards lighter and stronger structures. Within these types of structures hybrid composite-to-metal joints are unavoidable. Glass fiber reinforced polymers-to-steel bonded joints are being considered or already being applied in supports for underwater pipe laying, deep-water pipelines, composite-to-steel bridges, composite superstructures and steel hulls in the shipbuilding industry.

The platform is open to new partners. The involvement of new companies, not necessarily limited to the focus of the current activities, will further strengthen this platform. If your company is interested in joining, please contact us.


Viktoria Savran
Viktoria SavranProgram Manager