The 2021 Meeting Materials Conference will not take place on  Tuesday 14 December, but will be postponed to 5 April 2022 at the Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout.

M2i decided to take this step in light of the growing numbers of infections and the Dutch Covid-19 measures that are in force since Saturday 13 November 2021.
In view of these developments, M2i thinks that it is not wise to go ahead with the live conference. Apart from our responsibility to safeguard the health of all visitors, the prevailing measures jeopardize the main purpose of the event, being first and foremost a networking opportunity for people from material science, industry and public organisations. It’s success depends on the possibility to freely move around. Switching to (partial) online event is, given the short timescale, challenging and wouldn’t do justice to the key note speakers and presenters. Registration for the new date will open mid January. More information