Dr. Hessel Castricum, working at 3mE at the TU Delft, was interviewed about his work as project leader for the Interreg project Smart*Light by an advisor of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. In the interview he explains the new technology being developed, how it can be applied in different fields, the initial project results and the objectives for the future.

The research project Smart*Light develops a compact and portable X-ray source with variable wavelength, a ‘tabletop synchrotron’. A consortium of 12 organizations in The Netherlands and Flandres has received a subsidy of 2,85M Euros from the European Regional Development Fund (Interreg Flandres – The Netherlands). Smart*Light will eventually be used in clinical applications for medical diagnostics, in research laboratories for developing new materials and in museums to investigate important art works.

You can read the full article (in Dutch) here.