The second Grade2XL webinar will be on 24th of June at 14:00, this time the topic is “Code Case 3020 for additive manufacturing”. During the 2nd Grade2XL webinar the two speakers Mark Douglass and Pallav Chattopadhyay from Lincoln Electric will  give an overview of the ASME Code Case 3020. This is the opportunity to learn more about its concrete application as part of a large study using this methodology and to take advantage of best practices. More information and registration.

The second Grade2XL Webinar is held on a different date and time than usual. The Grade2XL webinars are organized every first Friday of each months from 13:00 to 13:45 CET featuring 2 speakers. Each webinar will have a theme related to Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), which will be explored through the presentations of two complementary experts and through open discussions through questions & answers. The targeted audience is European professionals such as stakeholders of the manufacturing industry, metallic materials researchers, welding and Additive Manufacturing engineers (as well as robotics engineers), Design engineers and students in design /manufacturing.