M2i Trainees


For challenging engineering and research projects at our partners in industry, we offer the M2i Trainee program. After identifying the needs of your company and defining with you the project outline and objectives, we design a tailored, high quality program which includes specialized training and networking support for the trainee. The trainee will work to

Young scientists for academic programs


We share the largest talent pool in materials science: international talent for PDEng, PhD and Postdoc projects in The Netherlands. We support universities in recruiting and selecting candidates for research projects. During the project at your university we offer coaching, networking and development programs to prepare these trainees for a satisfying career after their research

The next job for “Experienced starters”


After completion of a PhD or PDEng, you are an experienced talent rather than a starter in the labor market. But how will you align your ambitions with industry needs? We can facilitate you in finding your next career step. We bring talents who have developed unique materials knowledge and personal skills to the best