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Weld test of cost reduction welder loader – Fontijne Grotnes


Objectives: Fontijne Grotnes b.v. manufactures production lines for steel wheels. Part of this line comprises of stations where steel plate is coiled, flattened and transported to the butt weld machine. During this transportation the open ring is aligned and positioned correctly in the weld machine. To reduce costs a concept change was proposed in

Dimensional Changes – SKF


Objectives: Identify and quantify all relevant aspects of dimensional changes due to phase transformations in bearings. The hardened steels applied in precision products like bearings are sensitive to dimensional changes on exposure to stress and elevated temperature. M2i project: Study on phase transformation mechanism as function of temperature and stress.

Optimization of forming processes – Tata Steel


Objectives: OPTFORM provides an optimisation algorithm for metal forming processes using time consuming Finite Element (FE) simulations. It utilizes meta modelling techniques like Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments (DACE). M2i project: Numerical prediction of the variation in maximum feasible blank size due to variations in

HIsarna process – Tata Steel


Objectives: HIsarna is a technology developed by a consortium of European Steelmakers aims at a reduced CO2 emission by 50%. The HIsarna process is based on batch smelting. It combines pre heating and partial pyrolysis of coal in a cyclone were the ore melts. The melting vessel where iron is collected also reduces