Consumer products

Fabrication of super hydrophobic surfaces – FUJIFILM & Lightmotif


Objectives: Lightmotif is a spin-off company of the University of Twente (UT) and M2i and was founded in February 2008. Lightmotif creates unique surface structures in metals by laser treatment. FUJIFILM is evaluating new high added value products to be manufactured on their existing chill roll process line. The aim is

Forming process shaver heads – Philips CL


Objectives: Decrease number of failures during production process and increase the dimensional accuracy. M2i Project: Improve the applied material model present in numerical simulations, by accounting for phase transformations occurring during deformation. Industrial Benefits: Time to market reduced by 50%. After-treatment can now be avoided, saving millions

Measuring water diffusion of polymers with MEMS – NXP, Philips, Fujifilm


Objectives: Polymers have a certain Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) expressed in g/(cm2day) under standard conditions and assuming the transport of the water is diffusion-limited. Usually polymers have a WVTR in the range of 1-10 g/(cm2day). The WVTR is a very important property in relation to flexible electronics since in these devices corrosion