The M2i co-organized Interreg project Smart*Light, that develops a powerful mobile X-ray source generating extremely clear X-rays for medical, material and art research, was nominated as a finalist for the selection of new National Icons.

This nomination means that Smart*Light and nine other nominees will compete to see who will be allowed to hold the title of National Icon. In this competition, the government searches for pioneering innovations that will enable the Netherlands to change the world in the future.In Smart*Light, a variety of universities, companies, museums and research institutes cooperate in different scientific areas. The development of the X-ray source occurs at Eindhoven University of Technology, whereas the universities of Antwerp and Ghent develop detection techniques like X-ray diffraction, fluorescence and tomography.

Delft University of Technology has the focus on the functionality of the system for research into materials and art work. The high-intensity X-ray beam that this device will produce is now only available via large, expensive and scarce facilities. Ultimately, Smart*Light will be used in clinical applications for medical diagnostics, in research laboratories for the development of new materials and in museums to examine important artworks. As a project partner, M2i facilitates the transfer of research results to the industry.

In the National Icon contest, a total of 55 projects were submitted. An independent jury led by Hans Wijers has selected 10 innovations and will advise the government on the appointment of the National Icons. Each project will send a representative to explain their innovations in detail to the jury over the course of the summer. The winners will be announced in September.