On the 12th of May the results of the assessment of the program design for the Perspectief round 2020-2021 were communicated. Of the 48 program designs 14 were selected for the full proposal stage. Three initiatives with M2i involvement were selected.

In the program ‘Data Enhanced Physical models to reduce Materials use’ we intend to combine physics-based material models with data-based models to both accelerate predictability and improve accuracy, focusing on the mechanical properties of a range of different steels. This initiative is set-up in partnership with University of Twente, Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology. For more information, please contact our Program Manager Jan-Dirk Kamminga

The Program  ‘Circular Circuits: design of next generation electronics for a circular economy’ will develop a fully circular generation of electronics on a component, printed circuit board (PCB) and product level, eliminating the concept of e-waste. A large consortium of Universities, Universities of Applied Science, TNO  and Industrial Partners has been established. The initiative is supported by more than 15 companies. For more information, please contact our Program Manager Harald Kerp

‘Metamaterials for high-tech systems’ aims to open up entirely new routes for the design of high-tech systems exploiting the revolutionary potential of mechanical metamaterials. The program brings together a consortium of researchers from physics and engineering science, as well as industrial partners from different sectors of the high-tech domain and covering the entire innovation chain. By the establishment of new value chains through which metamaterial-based design solutions will be used by the Dutch industry, the program intends to lift the performance of high-tech systems to new levels. For more information, please contact our Program Manager Viktoria Savran

The deadline for the full Perspectief proposals is on 5 October: M2i will be busy this summer.