M2i is very proud to announce, that two HitMaT proposals have been nominated for funding

The HiTMaT proposal Innovating sustainable materials and processes for the wind energy Transition has been nominated for funding. With this project, TU Delft, Suzlon and M2i aim to develop next-generation composite materials and processes for wind turbine blades, designed to be fully circular. Considering bio-based, self-healing, self-regenerating, and repairable materials, we address both composite material manufacturing and recycling. The scientific challenge will be to design and create a material system that can survive operation in harsh wind turbine conditions with minimum maintenance for 20+ years, and that can be recycled at the end of life using environmentally friendly approaches; retrieving virgin material with the same quality as the original.

M2i is also proud to announce the nomination of the HiTMaT project “RAMP-UP: Reliable Process to Meet Surging Demand in EV Battery Production” for the HiTMaT 2021.
RAMP-UP will advance the technological know-how to meet the soaring demands in EV batteries. The scientific challenge is to design a robust, stable process where surface quality of the EC battery container can be accurately predicted. We will develop the tools that will allow industry experts to accurately simulate forming processes and devise automated control strategies that will reduce the process downtime and ramp-up productivity of EV battery manufacturing in Europe.