Last week, on 15 June 2021, the Final ASPECT Event took place as an online event. The ASPECT project ran for five years and was funded from the INTERREG North-West Europe programme.

The programme of the event consisted of a mixture of presentations and interactive sessions addressing the prediction and control of temperature-induced friction effects in sheet metal forming. During the interactive sessions, participants had the chance to get more insights into the two industrial demonstrators built at Philips and Opel and the public lab demonstrator built at Filzek TriboTech. The participants took this chance and lively discussion were held. The project leader Iulia Degeratu addressed a final thank you and presented the final ASPECT movie, where the project partners discuss the progress made in the project towards a stable and robust sheet forming process.

The project partners thank Coline Fiquet from Pôle EMC2 for organizing this successful event.

Watch our Final movie to learn about the ASPECT project results:

Did you miss the ASPECT Final Event, but are curious about the presentations? Please find the links to all presentations below:


First Aspect Movie
Matthieu Mori – Interreg | Introduction
Iulia Degeratu – M2i | Introduction to the project

Control of friction effects in sheet metal forming

Jan Filzek – FILZEK | Lab-scale forming demonstrator for friction influences in sheet metal forming
Jörg Heingärtner – INSPIRE | ASPECT control system

Multiscale friction modelling and efficient process simulation

Javad Hazrati – University of Twente | A multi-scale friction model for sheet metal forming
Sabrina Gastebois – ESI | Thermo-mechanical modeling of multiple cold metallic forming processes

Experimental investigation of temperature-dependent effects

Emmanuel Georgiou – Falex | A new method to simulate strip drawing tests on the lab-scale
Jan Filzek – FILZEK | Temperature Induced Friction Increase in Friction Test for Sheet Metal Forming
Eisso Atzema – TATA STEEL | Temperature dependence of sheet steel material in forming processes