ASPECT was featured at the M2i conference Meeting Materials 2016, where the M2i simulation expert Albert Konter (M2i) presented the first results of the project during the workshop “Next-generation manufacturing systems: smart production and sensor applications”.

1_primary_logo_1024Within the ASPECT project, which started six months ago with funding from INTERREG North-West Europe programme, a physics-based model is being developed to incorporate the tribological influences during sheet metal forming and thus enable prediction and instantaneous control of friction variation during sheet metal forming processes. The Lead partner M2i is also responsible with the implementation of the model in a computationally-efficient simulation that will ultimately be used on the forming lines at Philips factory in Drachten, The Netherlands. The preliminary results presented at the workshop show it is feasible to incorporate temperature-dependence of friction in industrial simulations without compromising the computational speed. By the end of the project, a continuous manufacturing process with zero-defects during start-up will be demonstrated at the Philips factory.

Visit the ASPECT website for more information on the project and information on how you can become involved.