The European Conference on Heat Treatment will take place from Monday 30 November to Wednesday 2 December in Antwerp

Carbon is an essential element in steel and has been used for centuries to improve steel properties.
The 2020 edition of ECHT will bring the focus back on this essential element. Its role is well established in the treatment of steel as well as in the treatment of tools and for obtaining special properties under specific conditions. The technological and environmental evolution put new challenges for the further development.
The conference will address all aspects of carburizing and carbonitriding, from structural process conditions to properties and applications, including modelling and simulation. Sessions will also be dedicated to carbon-based surface engineering methods including DLC coatings and graphene-based treatments.
Next to the sessions dedicated to carbon-based treatments, other aspects of heat treating of materials will be discussed, such as control of distortions, environmental impact, failure analysis and, most significantly, integration of heat treatments in industry 4.0.
The conference will take place in the beautiful city of Antwerp, situated in the heart of Europe and easily reachable by train from major European capitals.

More information can be found here.