On 10 October 2017 TU Delft’s executive board has decided to appoint Amir Zadpoor Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor. Amir Zadpoor is chair of biomaterials & tissue biomechanics at the Department of BioMechanical Engineering.

Amir is a former M2i PhD Researcher and received is PhD degree cum laude in 2010. In recent years, he has become the expert in the area of 3D printing and origami techniques.

Prof.dr. Amir Zadpoor is now involved in the preparation of an European project together with M2i “Development and streamlined integration of 3D printing technologies to enable advanced medical treatment and its widespread application (3Med)”. The 3DMed project aims to benchmark and integrate the currently available 3D printing technologies to make medical care involving 3D printed devices affordable and accessible on a large scale.


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