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2208, 2017

Prof. Herman Terryn will receive American award

Prof. Herman Terryn will receive the “H.H Ulhig corrosion award” on 3 October at the conference of the Electrochemical Society in National Harbor (Washingthon). He will receive this prestigious prize for his research of the prevention of corrosion of metals.

1107, 2017

Obituary Albert Konter

On Wednesday 28 June 2017, our colleague Albert Konter passed away. Albert was one of the first employees of M2i, former NIMR. Previously, he worked at an American company specializing in finite calculation methods. In October 1999 he joined NIMR as “Finite Element Consultant” and from 1 January 2000 as “Manager NIMR College”. In this capacity, Albert taught methods in applying finite elements.

2706, 2017

HTM-9 call 2017 is now open

The 9th HTM call has opened for proposals on Monday 26 June. The HTM calls are organized by NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW) in cooperation with the Materials innovation institute (M2i), at the initiative of the Top Teams of the Top Sectors High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), Chemistry and Energy. The purpose of these calls is to give a boost to scientific materials research in the Netherlands.

1605, 2017

11th Automotive Congress 2017 – 7th – 8th June 2017

On 7th – 8th June 2017, AutomotiveNL, one of the partners of M2i in the INTERREG NWE ASPECT project is organising the 11th Automotive Congress 2017 – Challenges for the Automotive Industry, at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, The Netherlands.

1205, 2017

SAVE THE DATE! M2i conference and Meeting Materials 2017

SAVE THE DATE! M2i, SIM, and Brightlands Materials Center are excited to announce our annual M2i conference and Meeting Materials. This year our conference will return to Leeuwenhorst Conference Centre in Noordwijkerhout and will be held on December 11 & 12, 2017.

105, 2017

Obituary Prof. Dr. Ir. Sieb Radelaar by M2i Senior Scientific Advisor Rob Boom

On 19th April 2017 Prof. Dr. Ir. Sieb Radelaar deceased. Prof. Radelaar was the first director of the Netherlands Institute for Metals Research NIMR, the predecessor of the Materials innovation institute M2i.

1603, 2017

Transnational call on materials research and innovation – now open!

The M-ERA.NET Transnational Call 2017 opened on 14 March 2017. More than 30 funding agencies from more than 25 European and non-European countries participate with a preliminary total budget of around 25 million €. M2i is one of the organisations participating to this call, with a budget of 1.000.000 Million euro.

1403, 2017

Successful Roadmap session on the transition to sustainable concrete

Monday March 13 M2i arranged a fruitful roadmap session with participants of ‘MVO Netwerk Beton’ (CSR Network Concrete), technical universities and TNO. After a presentation on the challenges in the concrete industry by Mark Spetter (MVO Nederland) and a presentation on the key issues in R&D by Mario de Rooij (TNO), the participants drafted three roadmaps.

2102, 2017

Meet M2i Human Capital at Twente University Career Fair

At March 2nd, M2i Human Capital will be present at the Career Fair at Twente University. Over 140 companies, technical engineers, recruiters, university-alumni and students will meet at the campus event.

1002, 2017

Your opinion counts, please join our survey about tribological influences

Are you working on metal forming topics? We would like to assess how relevant the prediction and control of tribological influences are for the quality of the forming process. Would you like to share your opinion? It only takes 5 minutes to complete the survey.

2501, 2017

The battle for talent: scarcity in R&D-intensive industries

R&D-intensive industries in the Netherlands are facing a shortage. There just aren’t enough highly-educated technology workers to go around. We’re all in the same boat and competing for talented people. Is this “battle for talent” contributing to our future plans? Or should businesses pull together more?

2401, 2017

The MANUNET-III Call 2017 is now open!

The aim of the MANUNET call for proposals is to foster the competitiveness of Europe’s Manufacturing Industry by co-funding manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs), research centers and universities. Detailed information on the MANUNET Call is available on the website of MANUNET III project. 

2012, 2016

A new MANUNET-III Call – coming soon!

A new transnational call is under preparation, to be launched in January 2017. The aim of the new MANUNET-III Call is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in innovating their processes and implementing adaptive manufacturing systems. A two-stage procedure will be employed.

1412, 2016

First ASPECT results presented at the M2i conference “Meeting Materials 2016”

ASPECT was featured at the M2i conference Meeting Materials 2016, where the M2i simulation expert Albert Konter (M2i) presented the first results of the project during the workshop “Next-generation manufacturing systems: smart production and sensor applications”.

1212, 2016

M2i Program on self-assembled nano-materials granted by NWO

NWO Chemical Sciences (NWO CW) has granted a M2i coordinated proposal for a new Chemical Industrial Partnership Program (CHIPP) entitled “Nanostructured self-assembled functional materials” (‘NanoFun’). The key objective of this proposal is to develop novel concepts – based on self-assembly – for nanoscale tailoring of structured materials.

712, 2016

Project proposals submitted in HTM-8 call 2016

December 6 was the closing date for submission of project proposals to the eight HTM call. This call is led by STW and addresses the priority areas of the roadmap Hightech Materials (top sector HTSM), the roadmap Chemistry of Advanced Materials (top sector Chemistry) and the topic Materials for Sustainable Energy (top sector Energy).

712, 2016

M2i’s Senior Scientific Advisor Rob Boom winner of Brimacombe Prize 2016

Our Senior Scientific Advisor Rob Boom is selected as the winner of the Brimacombe Prize for 2016. The Brimacombe Prize has been awarded every two years since being first awarded at the Brimacombe Memorial Symposium held in Vancouver, British Columbia, October 1-4, 2000.

211, 2016

Preliminary program for the M2i conference and Meeting Materials now available

As from today, the preliminary conference program for the M2i conference and Meeting Materials is available online: http://www.m2i.nl/meeting-materials-2016/.

1710, 2016

Achievements of our Human Capital Team

In October 2015 M2i launched M2i Human Capital with the idea that bringing talent for science and technology to the materials sector is crucial. The specialized team of M2i Human Capital connects talent to our partners. Human Capital started with a staff of two, and after several months our team has grown to four. Clearly there is a need for recruitment services in the Materials Ecosystem, in both academia and industry.

1210, 2016

HTM-8 call 2016 is now open!

At the initiative of the Top Teams of the Top Sectors High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), Chemistry and Energy the materials calls are organized by Technology Foundation STW, the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) and NWO Chemical Sciences, in cooperation with the Materials innovation institute (M2i). The purpose of these calls is to give a boost to scientific materials research in the Netherlands.

1010, 2016

Materials Knowledge Day – cancelled

>> Due to unforeseen circumstances the event is cancelled << On 8 November 2016, the first “Materials Knowledge Day” is organized for all members of the Bond voor Materialenkennis (BvM), the Materials innovation institute (M2i) and all other interested parties. For the promotion of materials research it is essential to meet regularly to transfer knowledge and experience on the issues that bind us.

2607, 2016

Tom de Geus receives NWO Rubicon grant

M2i PhD researcher T.W.J. (Tom) de Geus has been awarded an NWO Rubicon grant. The grant will enable him to spend two years at EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, to conduct his post-doctoral research project titled ‘Group-think in friction: the collective behavior of micro-contacts’. Rubicon offers talented researchers who have completed their doctorates in the past year the chance to gain experience at a top research institution outside the Netherlands.

2906, 2016

Recap of the European Conference Industrial Technologies 2016 on 22 – 24 June in the RAI Amsterdam.

June 22-24, we were proud co-organizers of Industrial Technologies 2016: the largest networking conference in the field of new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitalisation in Europe, with high level delegates. Industrial Technologies 2016 was a three days conference with a wide variety of plenary and interactive sessions, inspiring keynote speakers, case studies, eye-opening site visits and numerous opportunities to get in contact with new business partners.

2606, 2016

Prof. dr. Jeff Th. M. De Hosson inducted as Elected Member 2016 of ‘Academia Europaea’

We are proud to announce that our former Cluster leader and one of the founding fathers of NIMR (former name of M2i) Prof. dr. Jeff Th. M. De Hosson became officially inducted as Elected Member 2016 of the prestigious European Academy of Sciences: ‘Academia Europaea’. The Council of the Academia Europaea confirmed at their meeting on 26 June in Cardiff, UK.

606, 2016

M2i is leading an INTERREG project on smart manufacturing in North West Europe

M2i is leading a recently approved INTERREG project on smart manufacturing, entitled ASPECT. The concept behind ASPECT is linked to the use of modelling to predict and control the process conditions during metal forming. In particular, by predicting the variation of friction with process conditions and especially with temperature, the process parameters can be adjusted to ensure a stable process, maximizing productivity and minimizing loss of material.