On the 8th of April, there will be an Online Workshop on Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) technology organized by the company Surface Measurement Systems in partnership with Eindhoven University of Technology (10am CEST; 2hours, free registration).

DVS technique can be applied to different types of materials (polymers, porous materials, thin films, membranes, etc) to study properties like:

  • Sorption isotherms and BET surface area
  • Vapour-induced phase changes (glass transition temperature and critical RH)
  • Vapour permeability and diffusion in porous materials and membranes

Since there is a DVS equipment at their Laboratory (SPC), Assoc. Prof. Catarina Esteves will also shortly contribute to the workshop with some examples on the use of this technique in their research materials.

Registration is free of charge, and you can use this webpage: https://www.surfacemeasurementsystems.com/workshop-8-april-eindhoven/

Please download the flyer here.