On 18-19 May 2022, Naval Group hosted the Grade2XL partners in Nantes for a 2-day meeting mixing project review sessions and industrial visits. The event gathered 30 onsite participants and 8 online attendees, offering a great opportunity to review the project’s progress and discuss the next technical developments.

Grade2XL Team

Anniek Enserink, Project Officer at the Materials innovation institute (M2i) in Delft, and coordinator of the Grade2XL project attests :

During the General Assembly of the consortium of Grade2XL, you could feel the partners’ strong engagement in the project. We had lively discussions, booked real progress and the partners presented outstanding results. RAMLAB will start the printing of the first demonstrator very soon and we are very much looking forward to this moment. Within the next two years of the project, RAMLAB and Naval Group will print eight demonstrators, with all different sizes, materials and applications.

Indeed, exciting outcomes are expected in the next months: The first demonstrator of the project to be tested at production level – a mould for bathtube showface – will see the light of day in the Fall 2022.

In addition, two “WAAM Experience Days” will be organized next October and November at Naval Group (France) and RAMLAB (Netherlands), providing a unique opportunity for SMEs to observe a WAAM prototyping demonstration and receive coaching to use WAAM in their own business.

Stay tuned!