From March 2019 until July 2020, M2i has carried out the project management of SUNRISE, a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) awarded by the European Commission.

The project was led by Prof. Huub de Groot, University of Leiden. The aim of SUNRISE was to prepare a large-scale research initiative in Horizon Europe, under the name of SUNERGY, for manufacturing renewable fuels, chemicals, fertilizers and hydrogen from atmospheric H2O, N2 and CO2. Together with prof. de Groot, we are looking back at a successful cooperation with the delivery of SUNRISE’s main objectives, including a Science and Technology Roadmap, a Blueprint for the implementation of the SUNERGY goals and a strengthened European network of academic and industrial research partners. According to prof. de Groot, “M2i has provided great project management support as well as specific expertise for project activities at the interface of academic and industrial interest.”

For more information please contact Program Managers Harald Kerp or Iulia Degeratu