EIS corrosion quality control of inorganic coatings – MTI


Objectives: MTI is assessing the anti-corrosive properties of inorganic layers applied on hydraulic cylinder rods for the protection against wear and corrosion. The objective of this project is to develop the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements into a reliable and fast tool for this purpose. M2i Project: Evaluation performance of several coating

Angular distortion and buckling in welded plate – Damen Schelde


Objectives: Weld deformations is one of the key challenges within the welding activities at a shipyard is to cope with. This project aims to quantify the reasons for possible weld deformation mechanisms and find solutions to minimize/eliminate these deformations to enable weight reduction by using plates with smaller thickness. M2i Project:

Collision resistant side walls – Damen Schelde Naval


Objectives: Demonstrate that evaluation of new design concepts for collision resistant side walls of ship can be evaluated successfully with aid of numerical simulations, thus allowing reliable evaluation and shorter times to market. M2i Project: Accurate finite element technology for collision processes, material models for deformation and failure and comparison with experimental results