Project Description

Initial Position:

  • Computational models for materials allowing the prediction of respective materials properties did not keep pace with the rapid developments of the macroscopic FEM models.
  • ICME as an emerging discipline will integrate computational materials science tools into a holistic system.

ICMEg Project:

  • Similar to the successful data standards developed and maintained by the “joint photographers expert group” (.jpeg/.jpg formats) or by “movie pictures expert group (.mpeg /.mpg formats) ICMEg community is established in the project to elaborate a suitable information standard for ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering)


  • Standard to inter-link a variety of academic and commercial simulation tools across different process steps & bridging different length scales.
  • plug & play” type architecture will be based on an object oriented, standardized information exchange among software developers
  • Application of ICME standard will accelerate materials development, design and manufacturing

Total amount: 876.948€
Duration: 07/2013 -> 07/2016 (3 years)