NWO granted the program Circular Circuits under the Perspectief call 2020. This 5-years research program will focus on the design of next generation electronics for a circular economy and be led by Prof. dr. Arnold Tukker of Leiden University. The project involves 11 universities and research institutes and 17 industrial partners. M2i will be responsible for the management of this program.

The project will develop a fully circular generation of electronics. It will develop solutions to overcome technical, economic and societal bottlenecks for lifetime extension, reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling through development of a new generation of electronic components, product-service design, new business models and advanced recycling technology. The project will make a pivotal contribution to the Dutch Government program ‘Netherlands Circular by 2050’, particularly for consumer goods and the manufacturing industry which are two of the five priority transition sectors. The circular innovations will result in an elimination of the concept of e-waste and to substantial savings of (critical) raw materials and energy as well as the creation of sustainable jobs. The project covers the product groups Communication infrastructure, Telecommunication consumer electronics, Lighting and Power electronics.