Our Senior Scientific Advisor Rob Boom is selected as the winner of the Brimacombe Prize for 2016. The Brimacombe Prize has been awarded every two years since being first awarded at the Brimacombe Memorial Symposium held in Vancouver, British Columbia, October 1-4, 2000. The Brimacombe Prize recognizes outstanding achievements in materials process engineering and is presented in memory of Dr. J. Keith Brimacombe, an innovative giant in the field of materials process engineering during the Rob Boomlater quarter of the 20th century. This Prize consists of both an artistic rendering and an award of $20,000 CDN.

“The Prize will be awarded for a single or sustained contribution to materials process engineering deemed outstanding. The work should demonstrate a high degree of creativity, imagination, and engineering/scientific depth. Evidence of significant scientific or industrial impact will be an important measure of eligibility for the award. In addition, the recipient must demonstrate characteristics which are well known of Keith Brimacombe, namely that of a world ambassador, and an innovator and a visionary for a better global society”.

The selection committee, chaired by Dr. Brian G. Thomas, received a number of competitive nominations but unanimously decided to award Mr. Boom the Prize in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments.