The M2i project QUALIFY (Enabling Qualification of Hybrid Structures for Lightweight and Safe Maritime Transport), a cross-border collaborative project co-funded by the INTERREG 2Seas Mers Zeeën Programme, has entered the 2 Seas Project Video Awards 2022 competition.  

The QUALIFY consortium has produced a video to demonstrate the achievements of the cross-border cooperation project.You can see the QUALIFY video, discover other INTERREG 2Seas projects, and vote for your favourite cross-border cooperation video here.

Place your vote before 31 August 2022! The results of the video awards competition will be announced at the Interreg 2 Seas Annual Event in The Hague (NL) on 29 and 30 September.

This research was carried out within the project “QUALIFY – Enabling Qualification of Hybrid Joints for Lightweight and Safe Maritime Transport”, co-funded by the INTERREG 2SeasMers Zeeën programme