On 11-12 March, the kick-off meeting of Grade2XL took place at the Science centrum in Delft, followed by a visit to RAMLAB in Rotterdam. Due to current travel restrictions related to coronavirus pandemie not all project partners could travel to Delft and Webex on-line participation was organized for non-travelers.

At the kick-off meeting, the work package leaders TU Delft, RAMLAB, CEA, Naval Group, DTU, BV, EMC2 and M2i proposed a detailed planning for their respective work packages. The partners discussed the interaction between their tasks and agreed on timelines to provide inputs. Although the impact of the measures around corona crisis cannot be fully estimated, we expect no to minimum delay on the delivery of the first due outputs (by month 3), which are generally related to preparatory work and documentation. After the kick-off meeting in Delft, the partners went to visit the facilities at RAMLAB and witnessed a demonstration of a dual robotic system developed by Valk Welding in collaboration with AutoDesk.