The 23rd International Conference on Material Forming ESAFORM 2020 will take place on 4th-6th May 2020 in Cottbus, Germany. Submission for abstract is now open.

M2i is co-organising a mini-symposium on “Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes”, supporting Prof. Ton van den Boogaard and Dr. Javad Hazrati from University of Twente. The mini-symposium was recently approved by the ESAFORM Board and further information will be soon published on the ESAFORM 2020 website. Researchers from academia and industry will be then invited to submit abstracts on the topic of tribology in sheet metal forming – until the 22nd October 2019 (deadline for full paper submission 15th December 2019).

The mini-symposium “Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes” will also mark the end of the ASPECT project, funded from INTERREG North-West Europe Programme and coordinated by M2i. ASPECT has delivered a physics-based simulation technology to predict temperature-induced friction effect and an adaptive control system to correct these effects and maintain the production in the desired process window. These advancements, currently verified on industrial-scale demonstrators at the ASPECT partners Philips and Opel, will lead to a significant increase in productivity, of up to 40%.