Aerospace & Automotive

Rubber Pad Forming of AA6013 T4 – Fokker


Objectives: In the aerospace sector rubber pad forming is regularly used to manufacture sheet metal components due to the limited tooling costs and the suitability for smaller series. Today more and more parts are made from AA6013 T4, instead of AA2024, resulting in the need of the same level of experience in behaviour

Stretch forming – Fokker


Objectives: Replace trial and error based production technology of complex shaped saddle skins, like part of the wash or tail to fuselage fairings, by advanced methods to obtain the correct product and related tooling M2i project: Finite element technology for accurate contact mechanisms and coupling of validated material models

Development of a new rear axle – DAF Trucks


Objectives: To achieve 15-20% weight reduction of the rear axle. To achieve 30-40% reduction of friction losses.   M2i project: 2 Proto axles produced: 17% weight gain (65kg) and 28% reduction of losses (~1% Fuel Efficiency) Implementation in Testing phase New axles include design changes proposed by M2i Target