Meeting Materials 13 December 2022
– public event –

We are looking back at a successful conference with a total of more than 300 participants from universities, funding agencies and industry on both days.

With M2i celebrating its 25th anniversary, this years’ conference took a moment to look back at some historical benchmark moments. The program with many interesting presentations and workshops focused on state-of-the art research projects, with topics ranging from fundamental questions to applicability in the industry.

Meeting Materials is free of charge and open for everyone who is interested in materials development. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the latest insights and developments in the field of innovative and smart materials, along with ways in which these materials can stimulate economic progress and a sustainable society. This day is co-organised with 4TU.HTM and supported by the Bond voor Materialenkennis (BvM).

M2i Conference for community 12 December 2022
– private event by invitation –

The first day of the conference, Monday 12 December, is traditionally only accessible for M2i and its partners. The program consists of an interesting mix of key note presentations about developments in materials innovation and parallel sessions offering an in-depth insight in research projects. For more information about the first day, please visit the M2i intranet.

Grade2XL AM Challenge

During the annual Meeting Materials conference, Grade2XL held its third open Additive Manufacturing challenge. For the Grade2XL contest we challenged engineers and researchers to design a novel, multi-material product that can be printed with wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). The expert jury had a tough job judging all the designs that were submitted, The winning team will see their idea being realized.

Find out more about the winning design, the ‘PELTAM bucket’ and the winning team here.

Keynote Speakers

For questions please reach out to conference[at)

Organizing parties

Photo impression Meeting Materials December 2022