The cluster focuses on hybrid materials, including fiber-reinforced polymers, sandwiches, laminates and concrete. They are applied to a wide range of structural materials in the transport and construction sector.
Hybrid and composite materials offer the possibility to “engineer” the required material properties, using a multitude of possible material and processing parameters that can be studied in order to optimize such materials, including the development of new types of hybrid structures.

Projects encompass all facets of fiber-reinforced polymers and concrete engineering, including material, manufacturing, design, and performance aspects.

Metal Inserts in Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics

Metal inserts in fiber-reinforced thermoplastic products are often used to transfer load to other parts of the structure. Important application areas are the aerospace and automotive industries. The aim is to save weight and reduce fuel consumption. In the case of thermosets, adhesives are typically used for bonding. For the relatively newer class of thermoplastics, insert molding can be used. This has the potential of being a one-step process but is far less well understood.
The aim of this research is to analyze and describe adhesion mechanisms between the (light) metal inserts and the high-performance, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (PEEK, PPS) product.

Geopolymer Concrete Systems – Long Term Performance

Geopolymers, like fly ash or slag, have already been employed in some non-constructive applications, replacing cement and reducing CO2 emissions. However, the lack of sufficient insight into the durability of those systems hinders more attractive constructive applications.
Therefore, the ultimate goal of the research is to assess service-life of geopolymer concrete. With respect to the existing standards, technology tools and knowledge of geopolymer systems, degradation mechanisms under carbonation and chloride ingress will be studied.

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