On 9 October from 09.00-12.30 hrs M2i together with  TU Delft and UTwente will organize a workshop  for industrial companies working or willing to work with powder-bed AM, materials, equipment suppliers and end-users.

Nowadays, most engineering components consist of a single material, with limited functionalities and large overdesign margins, as required by conventional production technologies. Additive manufacturing (AM) is revolutionizing the way we approach product design and manufacturing  AM allows  simultaneous printing of different materials with functional properties (multi-material AM), enabling component design with “pre-programmed” site-specific properties. In ENGAGE-in-AM we will  bring this potential to reality by developing and manufacturing high-performance multi-material products with a low carbon footprint, for a wide range of applications.

The ENGAGE-in-AM program focuses on multi-material AM through powder-bed technology. We will explore combinations of different metallic and/or ceramic materials for powder-based AM and will use computational optimization tools to leverage multifunctional design freedom.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) provides opportunities for research programs in which universities and industry collaborate to address industrial and societal challenges. M2i together with a core team of scientists from TU Delft and U Twente, invite you to shape a new program focused on multi-material and multi-process design for AM components, to steer location-dependent functional properties (strength, wear, fatigue, toughness, thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion etc.).

The purpose of the workshop is to bring industry and academia together, to discuss which topics of common interest should be further defined. Needs and wishes will therefore be thoroughly discussed and mapped out. We aim for a complete value-chain consortium, ranging from material, equipment and software developers to end-users across several sectors and including classification societies.

The content of the program has yet to be determined. It depends on the interest and contributions of the participating parties. The emphasis can be on material design, production methods, material testing, lifetime extension, durability and recycling or a combination thereof. In the workshop, we would like to find out what your interest is and what you intend to contribute to this program.

Who: Industrial companies working or willing to work with powder-bed AM, materials, equipment suppliers and end-users.

When: 9 October, at 09:00-12:30.

Where: On-line meeting via Microsoft Teams (link to the meeting room will be send prior to the meeting).


To register for the workshop, please follow this link.

 We hope to see you there!