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Workshop Cross-over call  |  17 & 18 September, Delft

Cross-over Call Workshops ‘Living in Smart cities’

This September, Monday 17 & Tuesday 18 in the afternoon,  we would like to invite you to think along about a new initiative to cross disciplines and together achieve a sustainable use of materials. It is the so-called Cross-over Call, a new program from NWO that provides the opportunity for a research program in which various disciplines work together to come up with useful solutions for societal challenges.

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Building a large research program
With our program we want to make an important contribution to the realization of the Dutch Climate Agreement. According to this agreement, CO2 emissions for the production of materials in 2030 must be reduced by 8 Mton per year. In our opinion, it will require a serious effort on the part of all those involved to realize this objective and there is no time to lose. In order to have a big impact, we want to focus on the built environment; we think that the materials concrete and steel require a lot of our attention because of their large CO2 footprint. New techniques for sensors and data processing offer opportunities to realize the required transformation. The maximum size of the program is 15 million euros, for which we can start a serious program with scientific research. The intention is to work in parallel on the application. The required investment by industry and government partners is limited so that there is a serious multiplier of the invested money.

The workshops
The purpose of the workshop is to bring people from both industry and academia together to understand what topics of common interest coincide partially or wholly so that these can be further defined. Needs and wishes will therefore be thoroughly discussed and mapped out.

The content of the program has yet to be determined and depends on the interest and contributions of the participating parties. The emphasis can be on design, production methods, the development of accelerated tests, sensor techniques, maintenance, lifetime extension and recycling. We are organising two sessions to map the interest of potential participating parties. In the workshops, we would like to find out what your interest is and what you intend to contribute to this program. You can register via the button for 1 or both workshops.

We hope to see you there!