Project Description


  • HIsarna is a technology developed by a consortium of European Steelmakers aims at a reduced CO2 emission by 50%.
  • The HIsarna process is based on batch smelting. It combines pre heating and partial pyrolysis of coal in a cyclone were the ore melts. The melting vessel where iron is collected also reduces the ore.
  • Biomass, natural gas and/or hydrogen may be used as alternatives to coal.

M2i project:

  • In this project the melt and reduction behaviour of particles in the process is being studied.
  • This knowledge is essential for the up scaling of the process.

Industrial benefits:

  • A pilot plant for the HIsarna steelmaking process is being built on the Tata Steel site in IJmuiden.
  • The design of the pilot plant is based on the research results of the project.

HIsarna process