Project Description


  • Weld deformations is one of the key challenges within the welding activities at a shipyard is to cope with.
  • This project aims to quantify the reasons for possible weld deformation mechanisms and find solutions to minimize/eliminate these deformations to enable weight reduction by using plates with smaller thickness.

M2i Project:

  • Development of predictive tools (FE-model).
  • Investigation and quantifications of distortions mechanisms.
  • Elimination/reduction of distortions by optimising welding parameters & sequence.
  • Development of guidelines & design rules.

Industrial Benefits:

  • Test panel distortion was successfully simulated: both qualitative & quantitative agreement resulted.
  • Butt welds were identified as most dominant cause for buckling.
  • Equivalent model gives good approximation of the lateral shrinkage and is useful for industrial (design) practice.
  • The results led to optimization and formulation of guidelines.


Angular distortion and buckling in welded plate