The business awareness course, held on 15, 16 and 17 September 2021, of M2i and 4TU.HTM prepares PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers in the later stages of their projects on their future career in industry or academia.

PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers often concentrate on science. Successful innovation requires attention to business aspects as well. Why do companies and universities collaborate? How do companies organize their in-house innovation? How to get support for a break-through scientific idea? How about costs and benefits? The Business Awareness Course creates awareness for the business aspects of research and innovation, which will help the participants to become effective in R&D, both at universities and in industry. We will address working in an industrial innovation environment and explain how industrial-academic collaborations are organized. Visits to the Holst Centre and Signify will showcase how innovation is organized at research institutes and in companies. The course will include a workshop on collaborating in a consortium of stakeholders with different interests, and exercises on preparation of a research proposal, including business aspects.

The M2i& 4TU Business Awareness Course is relevant for researchers pursuing a career in industry and in academia. The course will be organized near Eindhoven, and is free of charge for Post-docs and PhD’s from M2i and 4TU. Do you have interest in the course, please register here.