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Our Career Program

The gateway to industry for Young Professionals

Our M2i Career Program gives Young Professionals a kick-start in the Dutch industry, and enables companies in high-tech industry to fulfill their key positions in high-tech with the best talents.

From our pivotal role in recruitment for universities, we actively monitor a talent pool of (international) young researchers, often part of the M2i network. The majority of them is very interested in working in industry after completion of their master thesis, PDEng, PhD or postdoc project. For many, especially with an international background, finding their career outside science is a challenge. As well as finding the position where they can fully deploy their expertise and workstyle.

They master a diverse range of knowledge on specialist areas. Typically in (but not limited to) materials science, nano-technology, photonics, chemistry, applied physics, mechanics, electronics. Our people are Young Professionals who understand the challenges and work goal oriented. Unique talents stimulating themselves and others to get the best result. They will develop their talents further and directly bring results to your organization.

The best young professionals with ambition for industry are appointed to our Career Program.

How the Career Program works

From our recruitment for academia, and following these talents, we prepare talent in the last year of their project on career orientation. We select candidates who are suitable for industry. We employ young professionals, we connect them to your company, and we facilitate them on specific topics to ensure they will grow in the direction that fits their ambition, talent and work environment.

Selection and preparation

  • Using an extensive selection process including an assessment, we focus on capability of tackling complex problems and competencies to work successfully in a demanding environment.
  • The best young professionals with ambition for industry are invited to join our ‘Business Awareness Course’ during the last year of their research project.


  • After completion of their research project they are employed by M2i Human Capital and work on secondment for the Dutch industry. We ensure the best fit for the company and the specific position. The M2i Career Program offers a one or two year program with benefits both for employee and employer. It is always possible for the company to offer a permanent contract after an agreed period.

Personal and professional development

  • We facilitate development of personal skills in the new work environment. An interactive and action learning approach at the speed of business. Resulting in talent sharing, knowledge growth and effectivity on the workplace.
  • We share insight, trends and developments in high-tech environments in research, product development, project management, engineering and production.

Tailored courses

  • In addition we can organize specific master classes within the Dutch materials sector or other knowledge areas.

Feel free to contact Harm Raijmans to learn more about our Career Program.